squeeze them, shrink them, compress them

The easiest and fastest way to optimize the compression of photos in your collections, archives, and folders; freeing up space while retaining image quality.

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Product Features


A wizard guides you through the whole process. Each step is explained and in bite-sized chunks.


It might be easy to use, but it packs some powerful features behind the scenes

Designed for Mac

Designed from the beggining for the Mac, native and performant, using all the latest MacOs features.

You’re in control

Let the app work out the best compression settings, or take full control; you can even select a percent to compress


Scales up to millions of photos, or just a few files. Compressing to an output folder or alongside your originals.

Collision detection

If you have lots of files with the same name, no problem, when organizing, will make sure they get the Mac ‘copy n’ suffix


Frequently Asked Questions

Is metadata preserved (EXIF Data)

Absolutely, the newly compressed photos contain the same metadata as the original, including the GPS co-ordinates.