Photo Organizer Pro

Organize the Unorganized

Physically organizes, sorts, and deduplicates your photo and video files into one place allowing you to take control and find those long lost memories.

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Easy to use

The ‘wizard’ style interface guides you through each step of the process, providing instructions and helpful tips as you progress.

Simply drop the folders you want organized, select the output format and click ‘Start’, then we do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Once complete, all your photos, videos and movies will be organized.

Product Features


A wizard guides you through the whole process. Each step is explained and in bite-sized chunks.


It might be easy to use, but it packs some powerful features behind the scenes

Designed for Mac

Designed from the beggining for the Mac, native and performant, using all the latest MacOs features.

Duplicate removal

Even if you have millions of files, we detect any duplicates and make sure they don’t end up in the organized folder


Scales up to millions of files, or just a few files. No job is too small or too large for organizing.

Collision detection

If you have lots of files with the same name, no problem, when organizing, will make sure they get the Mac ‘copy n’ suffix


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I organize the contents of Photos App?

Not easily. Unfortunately Apple don't allow Mac applications full access to the contents of the built-in Photos App. When they do, we’ll make it a single ‘click’ to add all you iCloud and Photos App contents.

Until then, the only way is to export the contents of the Photos App to a folder, then drag that folder onto Photo Organizer Pro; of course this will consume additional disk space, but it’s been tested and works.

On a footnote, Apple’s Photos App doesn’t de-duplicate very well, in fact, we often see thousands of duplicates, especially if you’ve imported from multiple devices.

How are duplicates determined

There are two parts to determine if two photos are identical, the image itself and the metadata. An identical photo in Photo Organizer Pro is determined when the metadata and image are exactly the same. Technically, the creation date of the file can be different, as can MacOS metadata such as tags; however, anything inside the file must be the same.

It would be impractical to read every file into memory and compare them; it’s also impractical to read a file more than once as it would take a very long time to evaluate a photo against a library of thousands of others. Crypography is the method used to avoid this; using a crypography system, such as MD5 reduce the whole file down to a single, small, mathmatically perfect, code (called a checksum). This code can be stored in memory, no two files will calculate down to the same code, so uniqueness can be determined.

Why MD5? It’s fast and very efficient; there are other cryptography systems such as SHA but for simple checksum comparisons, it’s perfect.

In a future release we’ll be giving more options for advanced users to allow SHA checksums, skipping metadata, and controlling the performance.