PowerDisk - PC Cleaner
Recover disk space from any drive. Exclusive to Window 10 & 11, PowerDisk is a PC Cleaner that recovers disk space from any of your drives. It's an easy to use, next generation utility that not only shows you where the waste is, but also recommends what to remove, how safe that is, and then removes it. If any of your disks are getting full, this is the utility you need; it's simple, powerful, and user friendly.
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Duplicate Photos & Similar Cleaner PhotoFiles for Windows 10 & 11 automatically finds similar and exact duplicates of photos including the Apple HEIC format. Keeping photos has become costly, whether that’s on disk, plug in drive, or the cloud use PhotoFiles to reduce that clutter down to something efficient, reducing costs, and time when backing up and syncing to the cloud.
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Convenience at your fingertips #1 Converter in the app store with over 1,000 5-Star reviews and over a million downloads. Converts HEIC & HEIF files without fuss. Just drop your files or folders and they're instantly converted, automatically for Windows 10 and 11. Convert to JPEG, AI, WebP, PDF, PSD, PNG, HDR, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and JPG Converts locally, so it's fast and secure and doesn't upload anything to internet.
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Secure Your Memories! Have you ever worried about losing your precious memories stored in iCloud Photos? Introducing iBackup Photos, the ultimate solution to effortlessly back up and safeguard your cherished moments. With iBackup Photos, you can securely store and protect your iCloud Photos, ensuring they are never lost or accidentally deleted.
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