Visual Basic 16

We love Visual at Duckhead software, and contrary to some Neigh-Sayers, it’s not going anywhere, in fact, there’s some new stuff coming along in Visual Basic 16 that’s going to be very interesting. There’s probably been more updates than most people realise for Visual Basic, four in the last...Read more


Batch convert a few files, or entire photo collections, folders and drives. HEIC to JPG (JPEG) converts files while retaining (or removing) the metadata (EXIF), original folder structure, and gives you control over the quality/compression level with a live preview. Your conversion, your way:- • Take control of the quality/compression...Read more

Renamed to Notepad Nerd

Why? Well I was going to buy the domain, but the price was too high, so I either renamed the app so search results would actually find the app, or find the money – I don’t have £10,000 lying around.Read more – released v1.1

•New: User Guide added to “help toolbar”•New: Link to website added to “help toolbar”•New: Redo button added to “edit toolbar”•New: About box to “feature match” the original, pointless addition, but homage to NotepadRead more

Free copies of

As we’ve just released Version 1.0 of we’re looking for feedback from the community at large. We have some redeem codes for the Microsoft Store, so if you’re running Windows 1809 and would like to provide feedback on the first release; comment on this blog with a feature you’d...Read more

Where’s Windows 1809?

When we took the decision for the lowest Windows version could use, it was fairly simple, the current version. The problem is, at present, that’s only 12% of users; why are so many people not updating Windows? well, it appears it’s actually Microsoft that’s preventing it, we have machines...Read more

We’ve finally released to the Windows App Store. Notepad is the modern version of Windows Notepad, with every feature of the original, reviewed, brought up-to-date, and enhanced for Windows 10. Full support for loading, saving, and converting Windows, Macintosh, and Unix files in ANSI, Unicode, Unicode big endian, and...Read more

Why I switched from to c# (2018)

Let’s put this in perspective, programming is not my main job and I don’t care how much I could earn as a programmer; with that in context, my decision has nothing to do with market forces, c# developers telling people is not a proper language, or  performance. My Background:...Read more

Version 2.0 Released for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is out and to celebrate, we’ve updated Photo Organizer Pro to fully support and enhance the user experience. So what’s new? Compact view of folders for better visibility of hundreds of folders Interface update, better fluid design, and color improvements Support for Video & Picture...Read more

Next Update

Woo Hoo – Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be released later this month. So you can expect an update to Photo Organizer Pro in early November (that gives us a little time to test it). We’ll actually be releasing two updates. One that works with Windows Creators Update (v2.0)...Read more