Released V1.2

Several changes made under the hood for a faster analysis and more intelligent DeDuplication. Added roadmap and upvoting into the options to use the windows Feedback Hub Download it now from the Windows Store:¬†click here  Read more

Developer – Roadmap

At Duckhead Software we like to be open and allow you to guide the future of the product; so we’re going to open up our roadmap. Here’s a list of the major features and the order we’re developing them in. Minor updates are not detailed. Feedback Hub – Builds the...Read more

Released V1.0 – Photo Organizer Pro

Physically organizes your photo and video files into one place. Sorts, de-duplicates, and merges hundreds of thousands of folders and files into a single folder structure using the format you specify (e.g. Date Taken, Camera Make, etc.) You decide which folders to preserve, which to reorganize, whether to remove duplicates,...Read more