Released V1.2

Several changes made under the hood for a faster analysis and more intelligent DeDuplication. Added roadmap and upvoting into the options to use the windows Feedback Hub Download it now from the Windows Store: click here  Read more

Developer – Roadmap

At Duckhead Software we like to be open and allow you to guide the future of the product; so we’re going to open up our roadmap. Here’s a list of the major features and the order we’re developing them in. Minor updates are not detailed. Feedback Hub – Builds the...Read more

Released V1.1 – Trial version available

There is now a trial available. The trial has all features available, the one thing we restrict though is the number of photos you can organize to 100.   Download it now from the Windows Store: click here  Read more

Released V1.0 – Photo Organizer Pro

Physically organizes your photo and video files into one place. Sorts, de-duplicates, and merges hundreds of thousands of folders and files into a single folder structure using the format you specify (e.g. Date Taken, Camera Make, etc.) You decide which folders to preserve, which to reorganize, whether to remove duplicates,...Read more