At Duckhead Software we like to be open and allow you to guide the future of the product; so we’re going to open up our roadmap.

Here’s a list of the major features and the order we’re developing them in. Minor updates are not detailed.

  • Feedback Hub – Builds the roadmap and feedback, voting, and comments system directly into the Windows Feedback Hub
  • Filters – Include and Exclude filters for searching your folder archives
  • Renaming – Extended renaming of files based on metadata
  • DeDuplication – Allow re-scanning the output folder when options are changed. Performance enhancements
  • Archiving – Allows erasing of the output folder and archiving of the content so you don’t lose anything
  • Move Output – Moving the output folder to a new location while keeping all the content intact
  • ReArrange – Changing the order of the output folder
  • Preview – Preview the output before we organize anything
  • Cloud – Links to cloud platforms to read photos and videos
  • Locations – Organize using the location data
  • Profiles – Multiple profiles, each with your own settings, output folders, etc.
  • Backup – A special profile that backs-up all photos and videos to one place, similar to an archive
  • Resize – Resize option for photos so you can use profiles to archive/backup/send-to a copy of your photos
  • Watermark – watermark photos are they’re organized, allowing you to send your photography to others
  • Move – Move files (as opposed to copy) as they’re organized – We’re working with Microsoft to allow this capability (not allowed in trusted apps)
  • Zip – Reading and writing to zip files

As with any roadmap, it is subject to change and we promise nothing.

Please feel free to comment and tell us the features you want or if we should be bringing in a feature sooner.