Today we released v1.2 of Photo Organizer Pro.

  • New:¬†Feedback Hub – You can now feedback, upvote, make suggestions, and log support through the Windows Feedback Hub

Download it now from the Windows Store: click here


Minor updates

  • One time check to see if we’re pinned to the Start Menu
  • Toast notification when organization is complete


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  1. Kevin Reply

    Can the app work in iCloud photo as the source folder and the output folder? Especially need to dedup

    • admin Reply

      Hi, Yes with the following configuration..

      The source folder (iCloud – assuming something like C:\Users\YourName\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads) is perfect, just make sure iCloud has synced and downloaded everything.
      The output folder can be a subFolder of iCloud (you can’t use exactly the same folder), something like C:\Users\YourName\Pictures\iCloud Photos\PhotoOrganizer\

      Once you’re happy with the results, delete your original files (archive them somewhere just in case) and move the contents of PhotoOrganizer folder to Downloads.

      Hope that helps

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