Why I switched from vb.net to c# (2018)

Let’s put this in perspective, programming is not my main job and I don’t care how much I could earn as a programmer; with that in context, my decision has nothing to do with market forces, c# developers telling people vb.net is not a proper language, orĀ  performance. My Background:...Read more

Next Update

Woo Hoo – Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be released later this month. So you can expect an update to Photo Organizer Pro in early November (that gives us a little time to test it). We’ll actually be releasing two updates. One that works with Windows Creators Update (v2.0)...Read more

Design changes coming

We’re making some design changes based on feedback. New theme engine to allow you to select/override the default Windows colors. New scale-able menu system to allow us to add lots of new features. New drag ‘n’ drop output format designer to make life as easy as possible Additional output formats...Read more

Developer – Roadmap

At Duckhead Software we like to be open and allow you to guide the future of the product; so we’re going to open up our roadmap. Here’s a list of the major features and the order we’re developing them in. Minor updates are not detailed. Feedback Hub – Builds the...Read more