Photo Organizer Pro

Physically organizes, sorts, and deduplicates your photo and video files into one place allowing you to take control and find those long lost memories.

Merges hundreds of thousands of folders and files into a single, organized folder structure using the format you specify (based on DateTaken). 

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Compress Photos

The easiest and fastest way to optimize the compression of photos in your collections, archives, and folders; freeing up space while retaining image quality.

Compressing your photos saves disk space and allows for quicker file transfers, uploads, mobile storage, and backups. You can save more photos in your online albums, reduce the space occupied by your photo library, optimize the weight of images on your website or blog, or simply send your images faster than ever.

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Photo Duplicate Cleaner

Easily remove duplicate photos and videos from your folders and archives, freeing up space and making those precious memories easier to find.

So what makes this app different than all the other cleaners? It's designed to deduplicate millions of files without you having to review each image or video; simply click 'start' and go for a coffee, you won't be needed until again we've finished, unlike other cleaners which will ask you to review every photo and set complex filters.

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